We help companies tell award winning stories.

Creating reports is a demanding task…

One that eats up valuable time and resources. It demands expert project management, strategic storytelling, and the ability to produce intelligent graphics and compelling photography. You need to deliver across multiple platforms, from web and digital media to printed documents. Plus, there’s the presentation deck, marketing/PR materials, and social media graphics for the report launch.

It’s a lot.

And it can tie up your staff for months on end, diverting them from their core responsibilities.

That’s where we come in.

At Report, we specialize in corporate reporting. It’s what we do every day. Our streamlined processes shortens timelines and delivers consistently outstanding documents. We know what it takes to create high-quality, professional reports that are both beautiful and effective.

Leave the reporting to us and let your creative team focus on what they do best.

Work we’ve done…

Stuff we do…

We’re a multidisciplinary creative strategy and design firm based in Metro-Detroit

In addition to our design skills, we are sustainability and CSR professionals. We are strategic, holistic thinkers who find opportunities for you to connect with stakeholders and users in a compelling, meaningful and engaging way.

We stand out from other design firms because we have sustainability expertise other designers do not.

Creative Professionals

Our staff are experts in their field and also have a deep knowledge of sustainability. They understand issues that are relevant to your audience and effect how your story is told.

Sustainability Standards

We are GRI trained. We understand the most widely used reporting standard and how it will shape your reporting process. We also know SASB, TCFD, ISSB, CPD, and B Corporation.


Our visual storytelling goes beyond the typical infographic. We strive to create graphics that visualize data, connect to the stakeholder and communicate the story in a single engagement.

Happy clients…

Clients & partners…