Mindo Chocolate

Mindo Chocolate Branding and Sustainable Package Design

This work was produced as a two part project – brand strategy followed by sustainable package design. In the initial phase, we performed research on the social (cultural), economical and environmental aspects of chocolate making, through which we gained an intimate knowledge of the process from farm to table. We also interviewed the client and other stakeholders in an effort to learn as much as we could about their goals, perceived needs, behavior and values.

The client did not want to move too far from their existing logo, but wanted an updated and professional image. Our solution was a hand drawn stylized logo type.

For the second phase of the project, we created sustainable packaging solutions for Mindo. We reviewed artisan chocolate making, explored the competition and market, looked at potential materials and processes, explored the supply chain of those ideas and finally outlined a solution that encompassed all the data collected.

The package design included a belly band. The inside of the belly band tells the story of the cacao, farmer who raised it, region and growing conditions.

Our concepts included plans for packaging that would do double duty as a shipper and shelf display with a point of purchase display box.

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The Logo
The Package
POS shipper